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BGH MMR is an app for estimating players skill in Big Game Hunters 3v3 and matching them in balanced teams.
MMR ( Matchmaking Ranking ) is calculated from players stats, APM and results of recorded games.
The point of this app is to create BGH 3x3 ladder.
In order to be ranked on leaderboard you have to play at least 4 games.
Only games hosted by bots listed below will be used to calculate your score.
Leaderboard and placement table will be updated after each hosted game.
Mmr algorithm is constantly updated and sometimes scores might be recalculated to better reflect players skill.
  • Players are divided into teams automatically
  • If someone leaves before game starts game is invalid
  • If someone leaves game before 3 min game is invalid
  • If game lasts less than 5 minutes it's also invalud
There are currently 4 bots running daily on European server
  • BghMmrBot_EU1 | D3ADR3TARD#2308
  • BghMmrBot_EU2 | BghLeagueBot#2231
  • BghMmrBot_EU3 | BghBot2#2154
  • BghMmrBot_EU4 | BghMmrBotL1#2867
Add those if you want to be informed about new games. I'll accept request as soon as I see them.
With requests and/or problems you can contact me in Battle.net messanger or write post in TL forum thread .